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Tech predictions for the next 20 years?
fintech icon on abstract financial technology background represent Blockchain and Fintech Investment Financial Internet Technology Concept.

Tech predictions for the next 20 years? 

  • Apple will release phones without a notch.
  • Smartphones will have complete bezel less displays.
  • By late 2030 US will send their people to Mars [Followed by other countries].
  • That means Elon Musk’s long term dream would come true .
  • Almost each and every individual in the world will be using a smartdevice {smartphone, smartwatch,smart glasses }.
  • Blue eyes technology would become a reality.
  • Yea machines would understand our feelings and respond back.
  • There would be super soldiers such as Ironman [No wonder even if Musk built them ]
  • Automation takes the centrestage and the unemployment status rises in all the places .
  • Domino’s pizza will be delivered by it’s own flyingdrones “DOMICOPTERS”.
  • There would be a device to take backup of our brain’s data and load it into a new body [Hopefully].
  • AI will find the cure for cancer
  • The Emotion-Reading robots will be in high demand
  • Future newspapers will look like this
  • Crypto currencies will replace a quarter of national currencies
  • Next frontier in 3-D printing is pizza
  • We won’t need a driver’s license
  • A printer that erases a printed paper and reuses the same
  • Future of Boeing airplanes
  • Uber’s autonomous cars will destroy 10 million jobs
  • Philip’s fluid smartphone with flexible OLED display
  • Able to upload emotions into brains
  • All forms of transport will eventually become electric
  • Tunnels will play a major role in transportation
  • AI will prove to be more dangerous than nuclear weapons
  • AI will be to blame for starting WWIII

Image source: Google

Cheers . Have Fun!

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