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State Bank of India may block internet banking if you don’t do this before November 30

State Bank of India may block internet banking if you don’t do this before November 30 

NEW DELHI: If you don’t want to lose access to your State Bank of India (SBI) internet banking account then rush to the near bank branch immediately before November 30. SBI, on its website, has announced that it will block those internet banking users who have not registered their mobile numbers with their bank accounts. If any SBI bank account doesn’t have a mobile number linked to it and if you are using it for internet banking, SBI will block internet banking access with immediate effect from December 1. However, the bank account will continue to be operational and only internet banking access would be forfeited.

On a related note, SBI is also telling its customers to exchange their old magstripe debit cards with the new EVM chip ones. This is because it is easy to skim personal information and card details from the older magstripe debit cards and could be used for fraudulent transactions. SBI is offering free exchange to new EVM chip cards.
SBI recently announced on its official Twitter account, “Do not take a chance; get enhanced security for your debit card by applying for the SBI EMV Chip Debit Card without any fee at your branch or through OnlineSBI.”
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently issued fresh guidelines to both banks and customers that older magstripe debit cards should be upgraded to EMV chip debit cards by the end of December.

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