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Some examples of the most clever advertising?

Some examples of the most clever advertising? 

  • Brilliant Nivea Night ad looks like the clearing of the sky and the revealing of the moon.

  • Duracell

  • IBM

The idea of making a billboard that is actually useful is brilliantly applied by IBM with such cool concepts.

  • TEDx

Ideas change the world.

  • Nike

Put on a pair of Nike shoes, and start pumping up your lungs. Your body will thank you for it later.

  • Nescafe

Creative print ad campaign showing Nescafe as the best alarm to wake you up in the morning. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, you can surely relate! And if you’re looking for more creative clock designs, Nescafe is for you.

  • Amazing use of spaghetti as New Year fireworks in this creative food print ad campaign by Barilla.

  • Mars

Mars made this great truck commercial to promote its new truck size chocolate. Looks so appealing!

  • Charge Yourself With Vitamin Aqua

Check out how Vitamin Aqua found a way to be useful while still making a point for their brand. They offered a place where you can charge your phone, to remind you how you can gain energy from their drink.

  • Rejoice Conditioner Outdoor Advertising

An excellent example by Leo Burnett on Rejoice Conditioners, from Bangkok. The message on the comb reads – “Tangles? Switch to Rejoice Conditioner!”

  • Adidas Creative Pop-up Store

In Amsterdam, Adidas made a pop-up store that looks like a giant shoebox. It’s all in the details, the store even features some over-sized laces peeking out.

  • Y+ Yoga Center – Flexibility And Creativity

Bend it like Beckham: A creative advertisement on a drinking straw promotes Y+ Yoga Center, also made by Leo Burnett.

  • Creative Dental marketing: This Street Cleaning Truck, Which is Too Creative to Brush Off

Image Credit : Pixabay

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