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Does The Sun Also Rotate Like Earth?
Does The Sun Also Rotate Like Earth? - FintechGie

Does The Sun Also Rotate Like Earth? 

The simple answer is No it does not.The sun does rotate but it does not rotate like the Earth.As Sun does spin or rotate as it is a gas,but it does not rotate like a solid means that the Sun actually spins faster at it’s equator than at its Poles.As,the Sun rotates once a day every 24 days at its equator but only once every 35 near of its  Poles.

 That’s because the despite its fluid centre and atmosphere, the Earth rotates more or less like a rigid body,all of it rotating at again and again at the same speed 1 day is about 24 hours no matter where on the Earth you are.As all the other Planets rotate the counter clockwise, which is also the direction in which they orbit the Sun except the Venus.

 On the other hand,the Earth rotate to spin on an axis.As,the Earth rotates every 24 hours. The sun rotates but not at the single rate across its surface around it. The movements of the above sunspots indicate that the sun does rotates once every 27 days at its equator, but only once in 31 days at all of its poles.Thus,the Sun however is a manifestly and not a rigid body.It is a Gigantic ball of the superheated plasma,which means that there are different parts of the sun rotating of different rates.

 As also it causes the Earth Rotation.The Moon is formed much closer to Earth than it is today. As of the Earth rotates the Moons gravity causes the oceans and seem to be to rise and fall.(The Sun also does this, but not as that much).There is a little bit of the friction between them tides and the turning Earth,the  causing of the rotation to slow down need just a little.The Equator of the Sun completes a full rotation once in every 24.5 days as the whilst the poles take almost the 38 days to complete a rotation.

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