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Darknet Monitoring Now Made Easier with New ID Agent-Autotask Integration
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Darknet Monitoring Now Made Easier with New ID Agent-Autotask Integration 

While a significant proportion of these netizens are known to partake in legal activities, it is estimated that about half of all darknet sites are pegged on criminal activities, including the trade of digital credentials.

In the business sense, there are various ways to monitor the dark web for digital credentials that may have been stolen.

Recently, one of these darknet monitoring providers, ID Agent, expanded the reach of its services through a new integration with Datto’s Autotask PSA to provide an efficient dark web monitoring mechanism.

The Integration
ID Agent first announced its integration with Autotask PSA earlier this month. The news marked an important milestone towards controlling the negative element of dark web supremacy.

ID agent’s flagship offering, Dark Web ID, has been considered a reliable tool for protecting the digital identities of their clients.

Datto’s Autotask PSA product is a full IT platform that provides business management functions across the board. In this respect, the tool assists the moving arms of corporate institutions to advance the reliability of their operations.

The platform is cloud-based and works to centralize business activity while harnessing data-driven resources to influence decision-making.

The New Product
Hacker trying to steal information on the darknet.
The dark web is a digital confluence of diverse online communities that cut across all social and technical circles.
The ID Agent-Autotask PSA integration will empower Datto’s platform significantly.

Autotask PSA users will now set their Dark Web ID exposure alerts to provide urgent notifications in the form of tickets within their PSA panels.

This will go a long way in shortening the times taken for end users to receive alerts, thereby slashing administrators’ email traffic significantly.

In a statement on the new development, ID Agent CEO Kevin Lancaster spoke about the merits of the integration.

He said joint users of Dark Web ID and Autotask PSA are set to experience significant benefits that stem from the productive efficiency of the entire system.

Ultimately, customers will augment their proactivity as far as the gathering of external digital threat intelligence is concerned.

They will now be well-equipped to combat credential-based cyberattacks.

In addition, Datto VP of Business Development Rob Rae reiterated on Lancaster’s sentiments.

Rae commented on the achievement by highlighting the importance of the integration in advancing the profitability of business through the maintenance of safe service deliver platforms.

According to Rae, small and medium-scale organizations have been forced to comply with industry changes with a focus on refining their service delivery curves.

Overview: The Business of Dark Web Monitoring
By now, the bilateralism of the darknet ecosystem is pretty obvious—two factions make money from the networks that rule hidden web spaces.

In a nutshell, dark web criminals peddle illicit items and services to earn profit while their cybersecurity counterparts sell products to law enforcement agencies and individuals.

A host of dark web monitoring companies have been in existence for quite some time—most of them being established to cushion businesses from cyber risks in the darknet world.

Notably, the majority of these entities have tailored products meant to target sites on the Tor network.

How Do Dark Web Monitoring Companies Work?
Generally, darknet monitoring organizations use two main methods.

First, some companies apply algorithmic procedures to police the dark web through machine learning.

Such mechanisms scan darknet marketplaces to look out for stolen personal digital credentials that are put up for sale in the dark web.

A good example of such a product is Matchlight from Terbium Labs, which uncovers imminent darknet-hosted sales of client personal data.

The other intervention applies a human approach, in which cybersecurity experts use undercover operations to permeate hacking forums in order to keep tabs on product offerings in the hidden web.

The information is then submitted to bona fide government agencies and private clients on a need basis.

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