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15 Signs You’re Destined to be an Entrepreneur

15 Signs You’re Destined to be an Entrepreneur 

Growing up, I always wanted to start my own company. However, like most of us, it didn’t seem like a reality. But why shouldn’t it be? The only thing that was stopping me was me. So, I finally went for it and think you should too! Below are 15 signs you’re destined to be an entrepreneur

1. You’ve always been interested in becoming an entrepreneur and think you would kill it if you tried.

2. You love to learn. Whenever you hear about something new you instantly Google it.

3. When you hear people talking about business ideas you always think of ways to make them better.

4. You’re a leader. Whenever you work in groups you naturally take charge.

5. You love podcasts, books, and websites on start-ups and entrepreneurship.

6. Whenever a new idea pops into your head you make sure to track it in your phone.

7. You look up to people like Sophia Amoruso, Mark Zuckerberg, and Pat Flynn.

8. You’re awesome at making lists and have always been goal oriented.

9. You like to help others and have always wanted a career that makes a positive impact on society.

10. You’re excited whenever you hear about a new start-up and would love to live anywhere close to Silicon Valley.

11. You’re a pro at managing your time and are known for being extremely organized.

12. You aren’t scared to take a risk. If anything, it sounds exciting.

13. You’ve always been competitive in school, sports, or with friends.

14. You’re good at coming up with ways to work smarter, save time, and be more efficient.

15. You’ve always been extremely creative.

If you checked off a handful of these it’s definitely time to to get to work. You have a company to start!

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