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15 Benefits of Proper Hydration
Woman drinking water after sport activities

15 Benefits of Proper Hydration 

1. Improve Bodily Functions

Drinking sufficient water helps your body get the right balance of nutrients.

Your body is 60% water.  Being hydrated can make a huge number of your body processes go smoothly. Water in your body transports nutrients, maintains your body temperature, assists in digestion and absorption, and is a key to good circulation.

Your body needs water for the simple fact that YOU are mostly water.

2. Weight Loss/Control

Every serious weight loss plan tells you to drink more water. Look at any diet plan and you’ll see they recommend a high intake of water: Adkins, Paleo, Southbeach, Weight Watchers, Medifast, EatingWell, Volumetrics, Sonoma, Spectrum, Nutrisystem, Jillian Michaels and the Dukan Diet.  They all say you should drink more water.  The reason?  Because more water helps with the process of losing weight.

Water helps the body efficiently process the food you eat.  It helps to give you a “full” feeling, helping you to consume less.  It can also contribute to a feeling of having “more energy,” so you can get the most from your exercise program.

3. Energizes Muscles

When muscle cells don’t have enough fluids, they won’t work as well.  This is due to muscle fatigue because you’re decreasing the balance of electrolytes and fluids.

It is essential to consume water during exercise to replenish the fluids you’re losing.  In fact as a “rule of thumb” the American College of Sports Medicine recommends 17 ounces (in addition to your normal water intake) before and during any strenuous sporting activity.

With exercise it’s important to develop an “early and often” attitude.  Consume water before it’s needed and you’ll avoid the negative effects of dehydration that occurs through sweating.

4. Help Kidney Function

A moderate increase in water consumption can clear sodium, urea and toxins from the body, decreasing the likelihood of kidney related problems and even kidney stones.

5. Create a Youthful Appearance

The University of Wisconsin touts drinking water as a way to keep great looking and youthful skin. However, they also recommend using water in an external moisturizer in addition to consuming the proper amounts.

6. Regular Bowel Movements

For proper bowel movements your body needs two things: fiber and water. If your body is short on fiber, your body will pull water from stool, giving you constipation. Even if you’re lack in fiber, your body can relieve constipation if has sufficient water.

7. Removal of Toxins

Clean and pure water does a great job of flushing out toxins from the body through sweat, bowel movements and urine.

8. Reduce Cancer Risks

Drinking water is not a “cure” for cancer, but it can be a small part of preventing it.

9. Increase Energy

A body begins to show thirst at around 1-2% dehydration. According to studies, even before you begin to feel thirsty, the effects of mild dehydration can decrease energy, mood and thinking. The more dehydrated a body gets, the lower the energy levels will ebb.

10. Reduce Headaches

Not all headaches are caused by dehydration, but mild or severe dehydration CAN cause headaches. Frequent headaches may be caused by other symptoms, but they could be caused by chronic dehydration.

11. Ramp Up Brain Power

In a London study, researchers found that students who were drinking water during exams actually scored higher on average in tests.   While it is hard to say if this is physiological or psychological, it has been proven to work, so if you want to turn that B+ to an A, why not take a bottle of water with you to the exam.

12. Save Money

What do soda, coffee, juice and energy drinks all have in common? They all cost money.

While you CAN buy premium water that can cost money, it is usually less than other drinks and freely available in many places. Simply saving $2 a day by having water with your meals rather than caloric drinks will fatten your wallet while shrinking your waistline.

13. Prevent Cramping

In sports, cramps are caused by three things. 1. Depletion of potassium 2. Improper stretching 3. Lack of water.  Increase your water intake and you’ll avoid one of the major causes of cramping.

1. Depletion of potassium 2. Improper stretching 3. Lack of water.  Increase your water intake and you’ll avoid one of the major causes of cramping.

14. Strengthen the Immune System

Water is a key to health. Dehydration compromise the body’s immune system. There are quite a few immune system benefits from proper hydration.


  • Oxygenates the blood
  • Removes toxins from the blood
  • Increases Lymph production
  • Cleans eyes
  • Cleans mouth
  • Helps digest food
  • Helps fight insomnia
  • Lubricates joints
  • Increases Serotonin Production (fights depression)

15. Fluorination in Water

Fluoridation is another great reason to drink water.  According to the American Dental Association, fluoridated water decreases the chances of tooth decay by 20-40%. (That is in addition using other sources, such as fluoridated toothpaste).

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